January 18, 2009

Jeff's Spicejet Video

This is a video that I made from my Spicejet photo's. I hope you all enjoy it, it was too big to email so I posted it here. Take care!

Jeffrey Greer

November 17, 2008

Angola Historic Homes Association

Angola Historic Homes Association

Be sure to look at the cover of "Stepping into Angola's Past" and 2 Locust Street on page 6.

Also be sure to scroll down to Charity Vogel's story Making history: A visit from HGTV's 'If Walls Could Talk' opens the newest chapter in 1898 Angola home's legacy.

McIntyre kids





These 4 photos are in 1 frame, left to right starting with Ruth, and ending with Carol (they uploaded backwards, sorry).

Gordon Stevenson

Look at that face!!! This is one of the pictures hanging in Aunt Dorothy's bedroom. (Don't forget, you can click on it to see it larger!)

Robin, Aunt Dorothy & Maria

Mom is showing Aunt Dorothy and Robin photos she took of the McIntyre house when it was on HGTV during our visit on November 16, 2008.

what Julie knows...

• Jeff Greer is flying Jets in India.

• Jason Greer and Jeff Gore are both living in Georgia, Jason is in a band and Jeff is living with musicians. I hope they can hang out at some point.

• I saw Aunt Dorothy yesterday and she seems to be doing well, all things considered. Her mind is definitely as sharp as a tack.

• Amy and Paul got a new puppy that is just way too cute!

• Many of us are Facebook.com and are keeping in touch with each other that way.

• Everyone is excited about the "family house" in Angola being on "If These Walls Could Talk" on HGTV.

• I learned that my Grandma's aunt Clara went to Juilliard.

• Mike Schrage dislocated his shoulder. I'll leave it up to him to tell you how...

• Noah Johns has a black eye from running into something.

• Everyone wants to know where Gael is and what he and Nancy are up to!

• Mickey is getting into genealogy and is thinking our next book will be a family history book.

hmmm, that about covers it, lemme see if I can post some photos while I'm at lunch and have high speed internet...

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November 16, 2008

what ails you - McIntyre medical history

McIntyres have suffered (or suffer) from:

• anxiety
• arthritis
• dementia
• depression
• diabetes
• emphysema (the result of a punctured lung by a doctor early in life)
• gout
• heart disease
• high blood pressure
• high cholesterol
• insomnia
• lung cancer (the result of smoking)
• migraines
• osteoporosis
• polycystic ovarian disease
• rosacea
• stroke

(if you have something to add, you may email me or add it under comments)

October 20, 2008

Julie & Chris's adoption journey

You are invited to follow our adoption journey here

A Family is Born

Julie & Chris

August 3, 2008

Ever Googled your cousin?

Well, I Googled my cousin Kathy Schrage and found her here, studying the great outdoors, and here and wanted to share.

You just never know where you're gonna find a McIntyre!

July 14, 2008

The Greers, Warm Springs

Tom, Sylvia and Jim after a sumptuous breakfast on July 11th. Their custom built log home is beautiful! They are very close to the Homestead, in a beautiful area of rural Virginia. It even cools off at night!

July 10, 2008

Sylvia's Photos

Cabin #3 (Girls only)

Stevenson Family

Noah (what a cutie)

Sylvia's photos

Nancy, Gael and Grandson

Ruth, Sylvia, Sue, Johan, Lora, Sonya


Maria & Karin

Sarah, Kathy and Karin

Sylvia's photos

Lora and Sonya

The birthday girl

from David H McIntyre

Hello to one and all:

It was a pleasure attending the recent reunion and celebration of Aunt
Dorothy's 90th birthday. I had not seen Aunt Dorothy in a number of years
and I am glad that I was able to make. Sadly the time was a bit short and
there were many of you that I didn't get a chance to chat with and catch up
with; I hope to do so the next time the extended clan gathers.

I did want to toss an idea into the hat for the next gathering that I think
might be of interest:

Every year on the first weekend after the forth of July the Grandfather
Mountain Highland Games and Clan Gathering
takes place on Grandfather
Mountain near Boone, North Carolina (in the Blue Ridge mountains). I believe
it's a 3 day event (I went some years ago and cannot remember for sure) and
many clans (including the Macintyre's) have tent's set up around the
perimeter of the main activity field. I believe it's the largest gathering
in the Eastern U.S and includes plenty of activities and of course pipe
bands. We stayed in a condo when I went and as I recall there are plenty of
short stay rentals available (Clearly this would have to be orchestrated in
advance to secure the proper amount of lodging).

It seems that many of the attendees at the recent event were from the East
Coast so this might be particularly attractive to many in terms of venue.

Best Regards,

David (Harvey) McIntyre

July 7, 2008

Where Are We Map

If you are not on the map or are incorrectly located, please let me know.

I put us near the name of the town we live in, not on our street, I figured we didn't want strangers showin' up on our doorsteps ;)


July 4, 2008

Comments, thoughts, ideas

Hey guys, surely Julie and I aren't the only ones with opinions in this family!! Share your comments with everyone....it's very simple. You can do it anonymously or simply by putting your name in the URL/Name box. What did you think of our gathering? What would you like to do and where would you like to do it next time? This is our forum, let's use it!!

July 3, 2008

McIntyre Tooth Fairy

Where did you leave your teeth for the Tooth Fairy to find? Oddly enough, we were raised leaving our teeth under the IRON! I was told it was a McIntyre thing.

Did you leave your teeth under the iron too???

July 1, 2008

Interesting things we learned about our family on our summer vacation

  • Aunt Dorothy will be 90 on July 2 and looked lovely at her birthday celebration. She still has a keen mind and memory and we are blessed to have her as the head of our family.
  • Sue Guss lives in Hawaii and loves it. Her husband was at an uncle’s 80th birthday party in California the same weekend she was at Aunt Dorothy’s 90th. Such a coincidence!
  • The Armandroffs also live in Hawaii. Olivia modeled a wedding dress that belonged to Monica’s great-grandmother. It was lovely and mostly in beautiful condition.
  • Jeff Gore will soon move to Athens, GA.
  • Dan Gore will be going to college in the fall at South Florida.
  • Brian and Lindsey Gore and their 2 youngest boys, Anthony and Jackson, just returned from a vacation in Mexico and came directly to the party.
  • Kristi and Pete Althausen recently went to Greece where Pete and 3 friends ran THE marathon from Marathon to Athens. They stood on the original starting blocks from the early Olympics. Kristi ran a shorter race.
  • Kristi is a Forensic Pediatrician and lives in Reno with her family.
  • Michael Schrage and Jen have been on safari in Africa.
  • David McIntyre (Harvey’s) has been living in Denver for 5 years, when he thought he’d be there for 1.
  • Ralph McIntyre’s son, Tom, is with the Peace Corps in Honduras and his daughter Kathleen will be moving to Sacramento in the fall to work for Americorp.
  • Ellen McIntyre Heagy and Rick take their twins, Sydney and Kirsten, to Twinsburg, Ohio each year for the Twins Convention.
  • Ruth Guss’s son Gavin will soon be 8 years old.
  • Julie Holdsworth Burwood and her husband, Chris, visited his family in NE England after Christmas.
  • Karen and Noah Johns will be going back to Oregon with Kathy Schrage to spend a couple of weeks. Their father, Bill, will visit them there.
  • Melissa Crawford Kennedy and Rob have just bought a home in Swarthmore, PA and have moved there with their daughter, Olivia. Melissa is doing a fellowship as a Gastrointestinal Pediatrician there. (Excuse me if I phrased this wrong!)
  • Maury Crawford is enjoying his new retirement as he recovers from his recent illness. His wife Helen is looking forward to retirement next year.
  • Amy Holdsworth Theruviparampil and her husband, Paul, had a second wedding ceremony in the small, island town of Kumbalanghi, Kerala, India, where his parents are from, in February.
  • Maria Redhead Holdsworth and husband Tom went to India for the occasion.
  • Mickey Redhead Connor is traveling with a friend across country. She will go to New England before heading back to Southern California. She made a CD of Dorothy, Ruth and Carol singing “Whispering Hope,” for all of Ellen and Roscoe’s grandchildren. Thank you for that thoughtful gift!
  • Mickey’s husband, Ray, who is not a professional artist, did the amazing illustrations in the family cookbook.
  • Jim Crawford is Grandpa (Poppy) to Trinity and Brian and loves it! Jim is the bomb-he had downloaded his party photos before some of us even got home!! Thanks, Jim!
  • John MacLeod lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire with his wife Sarah and their 3 girls, Grace, Cayleigh and Caroline. John manages an opera company, one of two professional companies in the state.
  • Gordon Stevenson is a pilot and will be going to Europe soon. Helen is joining him over there.
  • Julie Burwood is a Mac guru-she founded a Mac User’s Group and created all of the family blogs for us.
  • Sarah Schrage has a new home for her dog Luke and herself in Redmond, Oregon. She is working for a wine merchant.
  • Jeff Greer is a captain with Spicejet Airlines, based out of Delhi, India.
  • Ron Guss had a nasty cold and was unable to join us in the celebration.
  • We also missed Jim Greer, who is in the middle of chemo treatments and stayed in Warm Springs, VA with his son Jonathan.
  • Gael Stewart and Nancy drove over from their summer campground home in Romney, WV, where they stay very busy helping the owner run the place.
  • Rob Stevenson is attending Law School at Georgetown University and lives in Arlington with his wife, Beth.
  • Nicole Stewart is living and teaching in Erie, PA and loves it there.
  • Brian Gore and Darcy McIntyre both work for Delta Airlines.
  • Amy Crawford teaches at an inner-city school in NYC.
  • Our family consists of people from all walks of life. Many have spent a great deal of time overseas-we clearly LOVE to travel! And we live all over the country-a quick perusal of the list shows that we live in at least 19 states and 3 different countries.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if I have made any errors here. Remember, I’m not as young as I used to be! Let’s do this again soon. Maria

The Girls of Cabin 3

From the left: Ruth, Johan, Lora, Julie, Sylvia, Maria, Sonya & Sue

*Please note the LARGE jar of relish on top of the cabinets! Wonder whatever became of that jar...

Sonya & Lora

Telling the "left and right" story in Cabin 3.

The Birthday Girl

June 28, 2008

Photos from the Reunion/Birthday Party

Generation 2-these are the movers and the shakers!

Or maybe these are the movers!!

The 'Oldest' (cough, cough!) Generation-how did this happen so fast??

Checking out the Family Cookbook with the author.

June 30, 2008

Next Reunion?

So they say the best time to plan a reunion is on the heels of a reunion, while we are all still basking in fond memories. So I'm asking, where and when for the next reunion. I want to collect your thoughts. Is summer the best time because that's when all the school kids are off? Or is there some other lengthy holiday I don't know about that would suite all?

My personal feeling is that the gathering needs to be longer because there are several people I didn't get to talk to, I need more time. Mom would like to go to Angola. So I've been searching the internet for places to stay, stuff to do, etc. I'd thought Williamsburg, Va. might be a nice place, lots to do there, plenty of places to stay, theme park, water park, history & shopping. But I'm here so I know what's there. What's near you? Maybe we'd all rather go there?

Lets gather some ideas, throw some thoughts around and start planning. I understand some places are reserved as much at 2 or more years in advance. And that's another thing, when do we want to gather again? Lets not wait so long is my feeling, yes, even after spending the weekend with you.

Let's hear from you, post here, comment here, etc. This way we won't loose track of emails and all our thoughts are in one place.

I've done a bit of calculating, the majority of us are on the east coast, with a whole bunch of us clustered in the VA/W.VA/MD/PA area, so it might make sense to meet again in this general area....

Looking forward to seeing you again, really,

7.3.08 - what about Hershey Park? They have specials for groups of 20 people or more, so we could all meet there???

June 22, 2008

Sylvia & Sonya

Sylvia and Sonya on Grandpa Harvey McIntyre's work horse.

from the collection of Sylvia Greer

Gail & Harvey McIntyre

from the collection of Sylvia Greer

James McIntyre

James McIntyre in Adirondack Mountains, 4th Lake, Home of the...

from the collection of Sylvia Greer

Johan, Sylvia, Robin & Sonya

August 14, 1944

from the collection of Sylvia Greer

Mark C. McIntyre

from the collection of Sylvia Greer

David Mark

David Mark December 26, 1947 at Albion, Idaho.

From the collection of Sylvia Greer

April 19, 2008

The Jason Alan Greer Band

Check out our cousin Jason Greer and his band The Jason Alan Greer Band!

March 19, 2008

Thanksgiving 2005

Omi and her greatgrandchildren.
From Karin's collection

March 15, 2008

Maria and Mickey circa 1947

Visiting the Greers

Tom, Jim, Maria, Gael & Nancy on Sylvia and Jim’s front porch in July 2007.

Gael & Tom on the back deck.
Photos by Sylvia

March 14, 2008

Brian & Amy c. 1974

Brian Gore and Amy Holdsworth during Christmas at Grandma & Grandpa Fair's house in Torrance, California. (Brian's oldest son Jeff looks SO much like Brian in this photo!!!)

Photo by Julie

Kathy & Chris in China

From Kathy and Chris's trip to China last fall.

From Kathy & Chris's collection

Prize-winning Chicken Supreme

Is cooking what it takes for members of our family to get in the newspaper?? Could be worse I suppose.
From Monica’s collection

Julie bakes in 1968

I find old photos to be so much more interesting that recent ones... I'm in the kitchen of my Grandma Holdsworth here, making "Sinkers," (unfortunately a lost recipe). Gotta love the faux brick wall paper.

If you can't figure out how to upload your photos, email them to me and I'll upload them for you. I've been looking for photos from past reunions...

And yes, this is going in the cookbook too. Send me yours!

(Doesn't really make ya wanna cook, does it, maybe it makes ya wanna eat raw cookie dough!)

The Birthday Girl!

The birthday girl in her kitchen in Vienna c. 1985(?)
(yes, it's going in the cookbook *wink*)

Photo by Julie

March 9, 2008

Home Cook Article in Local Paper

This article appeared in our paper 2 months ago. I had 5 minutes of fame here in 'the village.'

Uncle Harvey

“Latest passport shot - I ain't tight either”

(FYI back in the day “tight” meant drunk.)

From Maria’s photograph collection

The 5th Generation-The McIntyre Family

Not sure when this was taken, probably around the turn of the century. Back row is Clara, Roscoe, Harvey, Alice's husband, J.M, and Alice. Front is Adelia (mom), Ken or Reg DeWitt and James (the dad.)
Please let me know if I have made mistakes and what Alice's husband's name was. I think this is a beautiful portrait.

From Maria’s photograph collection

Summer Punch

Does anyone have the recipe or remember what was in the punch we always had when we picnicked at the lake? I think grape juice was one ingredient!


Masonic Hall Picture

I think Sylvia is standing next to Crystal and Sonya next to Robin.
Is that right, Sylvia?
Yeah Jim, grandma made great bread! I can see her now kneading the bread in a bucket with a handle and her foot on the rung of the stool that held the bucket! She would always make us wait a bit before we could sample the bread until it cooled down so we wouldn't get a stomach ache...there is truth in that, as it has to do with the carbon dioxide in the hot bread! That's all I remember about this piece of trivia!

Response to Jim's comments

Well Jim(my), we'll all welcome you at the party/reunion except maybe your sweet cousin CRYSTAL (not Patricia), Gael's sister, daughter of Esther and Pat! I have the same pictures and mine also says 1950. I think it was Uncle Millard and Aunt Dorothy's joint birthday party, so it was probably June or July and it was definitely at the Masonic Temple. Personally, I think we were all pretty cute, and it never even occurred to me that you'd had an accident-you just look serious. I love the way all the siblings are wearing matching clothes-do kids still dress that way? I think Mickey's and my outfits came from Costa Rica via the Stevensons. These 2 pictures hang on my 'family wall' and I just love them. I'm just sorry my mother wasn't there. I wonder if Mark was in the service then.

Jim's response to the pictures from Maury & Helen

ROW #1: First of all, I’m Jim(my) Crawford---this group is the ONLY group who calls me that. Second from the left in the first row--the picture clearly shows I was a late bloomer, and resistive to toilet training. My body language says “I just filled my drawers!!!” as the look on David McIntyre of the West Clarksville element of the clan is clearly indicating by HIS body language, attempting to discern “who filled their pants????”--Cousin Gael, to my right, is having a most difficult time holding in laughter (which he has ALWAYS had a problem with--being quite a happy person). He’s doing a PISA Tower lean to get away from the source of odor. Next to Gael is my brother Maury--open and relaxed as always. Next to him Mickey---and body language is clear “I REALLY don’t wanna be here!!!!” Next to Mickey is her sister Maria, with the smug smile which says “I got the BABY to sit with ME!!!” (the baby being Gordon, Dot’s youngest.) Unbeknownst to Maria, the ONLY reason Gordon is sitting there is because he’s on the lap of his oldest sister, Dot’s firstborn Robin--dutifully following the photographer’s instructions to look straight ahead and smile!! Next to Robin is ONE of the Twins (Sylvia or Sonia McIntyre from Jim & Virginia--West Clarksville section of the clan). PLEASE don’t ask me WHICH one--I could NEVER tell them apart!!! Between the Twins is Dot’s second, Monica--who appears to have just removed her finger from her nose!! The other indiscernible twin (either Sonia or Sylvia). Sitting on the end (about as FAR away as she can get from her brother--and WHO can blame her since he picked on her unmercifully) is Crystal--daughter to Pat & Esther again from West Clarksville.

ROW #2: David McIntyre’s Mom Miriam -- His dad Mark isn’t in the picture. Harvey McIntrye--Dot’s youngest sibling and Ellen & Roscoe’s only boy--my Uncle. Great uncle Harvey and his wife Aunt Gail (?)(founders of the West Clarksville element of the clan, salt of the earth folks and grandparents to Crystal, Gael, the twins and David (who is still looking for the smell!!!) (Harvey was brother to Roscoe -- Harvey had bad arthritis and “rheumatism”. I STILL recall him telling us young ones not to get old, because of the pain. I’m GLAD to see that NOT ONE OF US LISTENED!!!! Next to Pat is I believe a cousin (Dorothy?) with her son Brian in tow--As I remember Brian was “slow” and didn’t interact that readily with his peers. She was married to Cousin Ken (last in the third row).

ROW #3: Unknown gentleman--Next is Pat (of Pat & Esther--parents of Gael and Patricia) then Roscoe & Ellen McIntyre (damn she could make good bread)--founders of the Angola branch of the clan, Dot’ Ruth, Carol and Harvey’s Mom & Dad. Does ANYONE other than me remember the Kent Filters Roscoe smoked? Next to Ellen is my dad Mike and Ruth Crawford--parents to Maury and Stinky in the front row. Next to my Mom is Uncle Millard--somehow related to all this--possibly Roscoe’s brother or uncle. Since Millard is in the “seat of honor, and has some paltry gifts in a small pile in front of him I presume that the celebration is some how for him (perhaps a birthday). Next to Millard is Dorothy Stevenson (Dot) (nee McIntyre) easily discernable as the mother to Robin, Monica and Gordon due to her decades too early Afro hairdo!! Next to Dot are Jim and Virginia McIntyre--parents to those indiscernible twins which continue to vex me as to which is which. I was always attracted to Jim--BECAUSE HE WAS THE ONLY ONE IN THE WHOLE CLAN WITH MY NAME---Maury was named after DAD--all I got a 14th cousin twice removed--WAIT you mean I was named after Dad’s brother Jim???--NEVER MIND... Next to them is Bob Stevenson, Dot’s husband and all around handy man. Bob used to come over to our house and lend a hand to my Dad (who owned a screwdriver & a hammer and often mixed them up in use). Next to Bob is Esther (never could figure to call her Aunt, Cousin or WHAT)--wife to Pat and mom to Gael & Crystal. Finally is “Cousin” Ken-and somewhere I hear “From Kenmore“--having been struck young with a sense of irony- that always stuck. A “portly” guy--ALWAYS laughing and dad to Brian.

By the relative ages and dress of the participants I’m guessing this was taken in the spring or summer of 1950. Kids are in warm weather garb, and I’m possibly 2 ½ years old. The venue might be the Masonic Hall in Angola--I think I remember the chair rail--and as Ellen is in a apron--she must have cooked SOMETHING--and she cooked at home, in the church and at the Mason‘s Hall.

March 8, 2008

Old Pictures

We were going through some old pictures and Maury found some really great ones. We are going to post two for now. The first picture is the "Older Generation with Children"- that one is for the "First Generation" to guess who is who. The next picture is just the "Children" and "Generation 1 and 2" can have fun with that one. . .
Now here is a challenge for you : Do you know what the occasion was and where and when were the pictures taken?

March 3, 2008

Family Cookbook

Hi Everyone!

To those who have sent me recipes, thanks so very much! To those who haven't, please, please send me your favorites! It won't take a lot of your time and you'll be glad you did when you see how neat the cookbook is going to be! In addition to Julie and I, my husband Ray has been working daily on the illustrations.

Crys, I bought some fresh strawberries Saturday at the farmers' market and made your mom's Merry Berry Dessert recipe....it was delicious!
Monica, today I received the package you sent snail mail but haven't had a chance to look through it.


February 29, 2008

Reunion Details

We are meeting at Algonkian Park in Sterling, Virginia to celebrate Mom's (aka Dorothy Stevenson) 90th birthday.

We will have a group meal in her honor on Saturday afternoon, June 28 at the park.

Anyone staying in the park will have free access to the swimming pools and miniature golf, as well as reduced fees on the regular golf course. Visitors to the park will pay a small fee to use the facilities. There are soccer fields and tennis courts nearby.

I am holding reservations in the cottages for the following:
The Greers
The Holdsworths
The Schrages
Monica, John and Kristi's family
John and Sarah and family
Gordon and Helen's family

You can get more info about Algonkian by going to their web site, www.nvrpa.org. If you wish to check on availability of cottage space, call Heather at (703) 450-4655, x102. If you tell her you are with the Monica Stevenson group you will not be required to take a full week. The cottages were fully rented in December, but they may have had a cancellation by now.

There are a couple of them at Cascades Marketplace, a short drive from the Park and Mom's.

Hampton Inn (Dulles Cascades)
46331 McClellan Way
Sterling, Va. 20165
(703) 450-9595

Towne Place Suites by Marriott
21123 Whitfield Place
Sterling, Va. 20165
(703) 421-1090

Courtyard by Marriott
Dulles Town Center.
(571) 434-6400

Information provided by Monica. Thanks Monica!