March 9, 2008

Jim's response to the pictures from Maury & Helen

ROW #1: First of all, I’m Jim(my) Crawford---this group is the ONLY group who calls me that. Second from the left in the first row--the picture clearly shows I was a late bloomer, and resistive to toilet training. My body language says “I just filled my drawers!!!” as the look on David McIntyre of the West Clarksville element of the clan is clearly indicating by HIS body language, attempting to discern “who filled their pants????”--Cousin Gael, to my right, is having a most difficult time holding in laughter (which he has ALWAYS had a problem with--being quite a happy person). He’s doing a PISA Tower lean to get away from the source of odor. Next to Gael is my brother Maury--open and relaxed as always. Next to him Mickey---and body language is clear “I REALLY don’t wanna be here!!!!” Next to Mickey is her sister Maria, with the smug smile which says “I got the BABY to sit with ME!!!” (the baby being Gordon, Dot’s youngest.) Unbeknownst to Maria, the ONLY reason Gordon is sitting there is because he’s on the lap of his oldest sister, Dot’s firstborn Robin--dutifully following the photographer’s instructions to look straight ahead and smile!! Next to Robin is ONE of the Twins (Sylvia or Sonia McIntyre from Jim & Virginia--West Clarksville section of the clan). PLEASE don’t ask me WHICH one--I could NEVER tell them apart!!! Between the Twins is Dot’s second, Monica--who appears to have just removed her finger from her nose!! The other indiscernible twin (either Sonia or Sylvia). Sitting on the end (about as FAR away as she can get from her brother--and WHO can blame her since he picked on her unmercifully) is Crystal--daughter to Pat & Esther again from West Clarksville.

ROW #2: David McIntyre’s Mom Miriam -- His dad Mark isn’t in the picture. Harvey McIntrye--Dot’s youngest sibling and Ellen & Roscoe’s only boy--my Uncle. Great uncle Harvey and his wife Aunt Gail (?)(founders of the West Clarksville element of the clan, salt of the earth folks and grandparents to Crystal, Gael, the twins and David (who is still looking for the smell!!!) (Harvey was brother to Roscoe -- Harvey had bad arthritis and “rheumatism”. I STILL recall him telling us young ones not to get old, because of the pain. I’m GLAD to see that NOT ONE OF US LISTENED!!!! Next to Pat is I believe a cousin (Dorothy?) with her son Brian in tow--As I remember Brian was “slow” and didn’t interact that readily with his peers. She was married to Cousin Ken (last in the third row).

ROW #3: Unknown gentleman--Next is Pat (of Pat & Esther--parents of Gael and Patricia) then Roscoe & Ellen McIntyre (damn she could make good bread)--founders of the Angola branch of the clan, Dot’ Ruth, Carol and Harvey’s Mom & Dad. Does ANYONE other than me remember the Kent Filters Roscoe smoked? Next to Ellen is my dad Mike and Ruth Crawford--parents to Maury and Stinky in the front row. Next to my Mom is Uncle Millard--somehow related to all this--possibly Roscoe’s brother or uncle. Since Millard is in the “seat of honor, and has some paltry gifts in a small pile in front of him I presume that the celebration is some how for him (perhaps a birthday). Next to Millard is Dorothy Stevenson (Dot) (nee McIntyre) easily discernable as the mother to Robin, Monica and Gordon due to her decades too early Afro hairdo!! Next to Dot are Jim and Virginia McIntyre--parents to those indiscernible twins which continue to vex me as to which is which. I was always attracted to Jim--BECAUSE HE WAS THE ONLY ONE IN THE WHOLE CLAN WITH MY NAME---Maury was named after DAD--all I got a 14th cousin twice removed--WAIT you mean I was named after Dad’s brother Jim???--NEVER MIND... Next to them is Bob Stevenson, Dot’s husband and all around handy man. Bob used to come over to our house and lend a hand to my Dad (who owned a screwdriver & a hammer and often mixed them up in use). Next to Bob is Esther (never could figure to call her Aunt, Cousin or WHAT)--wife to Pat and mom to Gael & Crystal. Finally is “Cousin” Ken-and somewhere I hear “From Kenmore“--having been struck young with a sense of irony- that always stuck. A “portly” guy--ALWAYS laughing and dad to Brian.

By the relative ages and dress of the participants I’m guessing this was taken in the spring or summer of 1950. Kids are in warm weather garb, and I’m possibly 2 ½ years old. The venue might be the Masonic Hall in Angola--I think I remember the chair rail--and as Ellen is in a apron--she must have cooked SOMETHING--and she cooked at home, in the church and at the Mason‘s Hall.

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Anonymous said...

I (David McIntyre, son of Miriam/Mark)didn't start looking through the McIntyre website until this morning (March 14th). I did this, coincidently, while making my McIntyre-submitted recipe (granola). Soooo, while the 24 quart mix was cooking - think of the combined aromas of almonds, maple syrup, vanilla and honey - and after going out to feed an estimated 400 gray-crowned rosy-finches (they're eating us out of house and home), I looked at the site, enlarged two of the posted pictures and - while reading posted comments - found myself laughing out loud while trying to fight back tears.

I'm running at the moment, but will be back.