March 9, 2008

Response to Jim's comments

Well Jim(my), we'll all welcome you at the party/reunion except maybe your sweet cousin CRYSTAL (not Patricia), Gael's sister, daughter of Esther and Pat! I have the same pictures and mine also says 1950. I think it was Uncle Millard and Aunt Dorothy's joint birthday party, so it was probably June or July and it was definitely at the Masonic Temple. Personally, I think we were all pretty cute, and it never even occurred to me that you'd had an accident-you just look serious. I love the way all the siblings are wearing matching clothes-do kids still dress that way? I think Mickey's and my outfits came from Costa Rica via the Stevensons. These 2 pictures hang on my 'family wall' and I just love them. I'm just sorry my mother wasn't there. I wonder if Mark was in the service then.

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