June 30, 2008

Next Reunion?

So they say the best time to plan a reunion is on the heels of a reunion, while we are all still basking in fond memories. So I'm asking, where and when for the next reunion. I want to collect your thoughts. Is summer the best time because that's when all the school kids are off? Or is there some other lengthy holiday I don't know about that would suite all?

My personal feeling is that the gathering needs to be longer because there are several people I didn't get to talk to, I need more time. Mom would like to go to Angola. So I've been searching the internet for places to stay, stuff to do, etc. I'd thought Williamsburg, Va. might be a nice place, lots to do there, plenty of places to stay, theme park, water park, history & shopping. But I'm here so I know what's there. What's near you? Maybe we'd all rather go there?

Lets gather some ideas, throw some thoughts around and start planning. I understand some places are reserved as much at 2 or more years in advance. And that's another thing, when do we want to gather again? Lets not wait so long is my feeling, yes, even after spending the weekend with you.

Let's hear from you, post here, comment here, etc. This way we won't loose track of emails and all our thoughts are in one place.

I've done a bit of calculating, the majority of us are on the east coast, with a whole bunch of us clustered in the VA/W.VA/MD/PA area, so it might make sense to meet again in this general area....

Looking forward to seeing you again, really,

7.3.08 - what about Hershey Park? They have specials for groups of 20 people or more, so we could all meet there???

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