July 1, 2008

Interesting things we learned about our family on our summer vacation

  • Aunt Dorothy will be 90 on July 2 and looked lovely at her birthday celebration. She still has a keen mind and memory and we are blessed to have her as the head of our family.
  • Sue Guss lives in Hawaii and loves it. Her husband was at an uncle’s 80th birthday party in California the same weekend she was at Aunt Dorothy’s 90th. Such a coincidence!
  • The Armandroffs also live in Hawaii. Olivia modeled a wedding dress that belonged to Monica’s great-grandmother. It was lovely and mostly in beautiful condition.
  • Jeff Gore will soon move to Athens, GA.
  • Dan Gore will be going to college in the fall at South Florida.
  • Brian and Lindsey Gore and their 2 youngest boys, Anthony and Jackson, just returned from a vacation in Mexico and came directly to the party.
  • Kristi and Pete Althausen recently went to Greece where Pete and 3 friends ran THE marathon from Marathon to Athens. They stood on the original starting blocks from the early Olympics. Kristi ran a shorter race.
  • Kristi is a Forensic Pediatrician and lives in Reno with her family.
  • Michael Schrage and Jen have been on safari in Africa.
  • David McIntyre (Harvey’s) has been living in Denver for 5 years, when he thought he’d be there for 1.
  • Ralph McIntyre’s son, Tom, is with the Peace Corps in Honduras and his daughter Kathleen will be moving to Sacramento in the fall to work for Americorp.
  • Ellen McIntyre Heagy and Rick take their twins, Sydney and Kirsten, to Twinsburg, Ohio each year for the Twins Convention.
  • Ruth Guss’s son Gavin will soon be 8 years old.
  • Julie Holdsworth Burwood and her husband, Chris, visited his family in NE England after Christmas.
  • Karen and Noah Johns will be going back to Oregon with Kathy Schrage to spend a couple of weeks. Their father, Bill, will visit them there.
  • Melissa Crawford Kennedy and Rob have just bought a home in Swarthmore, PA and have moved there with their daughter, Olivia. Melissa is doing a fellowship as a Gastrointestinal Pediatrician there. (Excuse me if I phrased this wrong!)
  • Maury Crawford is enjoying his new retirement as he recovers from his recent illness. His wife Helen is looking forward to retirement next year.
  • Amy Holdsworth Theruviparampil and her husband, Paul, had a second wedding ceremony in the small, island town of Kumbalanghi, Kerala, India, where his parents are from, in February.
  • Maria Redhead Holdsworth and husband Tom went to India for the occasion.
  • Mickey Redhead Connor is traveling with a friend across country. She will go to New England before heading back to Southern California. She made a CD of Dorothy, Ruth and Carol singing “Whispering Hope,” for all of Ellen and Roscoe’s grandchildren. Thank you for that thoughtful gift!
  • Mickey’s husband, Ray, who is not a professional artist, did the amazing illustrations in the family cookbook.
  • Jim Crawford is Grandpa (Poppy) to Trinity and Brian and loves it! Jim is the bomb-he had downloaded his party photos before some of us even got home!! Thanks, Jim!
  • John MacLeod lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire with his wife Sarah and their 3 girls, Grace, Cayleigh and Caroline. John manages an opera company, one of two professional companies in the state.
  • Gordon Stevenson is a pilot and will be going to Europe soon. Helen is joining him over there.
  • Julie Burwood is a Mac guru-she founded a Mac User’s Group and created all of the family blogs for us.
  • Sarah Schrage has a new home for her dog Luke and herself in Redmond, Oregon. She is working for a wine merchant.
  • Jeff Greer is a captain with Spicejet Airlines, based out of Delhi, India.
  • Ron Guss had a nasty cold and was unable to join us in the celebration.
  • We also missed Jim Greer, who is in the middle of chemo treatments and stayed in Warm Springs, VA with his son Jonathan.
  • Gael Stewart and Nancy drove over from their summer campground home in Romney, WV, where they stay very busy helping the owner run the place.
  • Rob Stevenson is attending Law School at Georgetown University and lives in Arlington with his wife, Beth.
  • Nicole Stewart is living and teaching in Erie, PA and loves it there.
  • Brian Gore and Darcy McIntyre both work for Delta Airlines.
  • Amy Crawford teaches at an inner-city school in NYC.
  • Our family consists of people from all walks of life. Many have spent a great deal of time overseas-we clearly LOVE to travel! And we live all over the country-a quick perusal of the list shows that we live in at least 19 states and 3 different countries.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if I have made any errors here. Remember, I’m not as young as I used to be! Let’s do this again soon. Maria

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