November 17, 2008

what Julie knows...

• Jeff Greer is flying Jets in India.

• Jason Greer and Jeff Gore are both living in Georgia, Jason is in a band and Jeff is living with musicians. I hope they can hang out at some point.

• I saw Aunt Dorothy yesterday and she seems to be doing well, all things considered. Her mind is definitely as sharp as a tack.

• Amy and Paul got a new puppy that is just way too cute!

• Many of us are and are keeping in touch with each other that way.

• Everyone is excited about the "family house" in Angola being on "If These Walls Could Talk" on HGTV.

• I learned that my Grandma's aunt Clara went to Juilliard.

• Mike Schrage dislocated his shoulder. I'll leave it up to him to tell you how...

• Noah Johns has a black eye from running into something.

• Everyone wants to know where Gael is and what he and Nancy are up to!

• Mickey is getting into genealogy and is thinking our next book will be a family history book.

hmmm, that about covers it, lemme see if I can post some photos while I'm at lunch and have high speed internet...

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